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Utrechtse-dwarsstraat 7

De Duif, Christiaan Bakker

22/08/2013–22/09/2013 — Geopend tijdens rondleidingen, speciale programmering en het Monumenten Weekend.

With an architectural intervention, Christiaan Bakker (Vacant NL) transforms a remnant space on the side of church De Duif, into a new destination for temporary programs. De Duif underwent many changes in the past years, and got restored by Stadsherstel. These days it’s also possible to organize weddings, lectures or other events at the church. The small space outside wasn’t in use anymore, but is activated for the first time again by Tussen-ruimte.

Prinsengracht 769 – 771

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek)

22/08/2013–22/09/2013 — Maandag t/m vrijdag van 07.00 - 19.00, tijdens Tussen-ruimte tours en Open Monumenten Weekend.

In a closed off entrance to the former morgue of the OLVG hospital on the Prinsengracht, sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) presents his composition Stiltetonen. He transformed the sing-along song ‘Aan de Amsterdamse grachten’  (Pieter Goemans, 1949) to a tranquil, Morton Feldman-like piano piece, where the silences between the notes are as important as the music itself. Because of this openness, ambient noise plays an important role in the composition, where the hurried pace of the city gives way to a stately calmness.

This alley is opened for the first time in years again, and is freely accessible during open hours of the hospital btween 23rd of August and 22nd of September. Rutger Zuydervelt also made ​​the installation Grachengroeven at the Tussen-ruimte exhibition in Castrum Peregrini.


Office Jarrik Ouburg

19/07/2013–22/09/2013 — Between 19 July and 18 August open every Wednesday (3-6PM) and Saturday (11-3PM). After, during Tussen-ruimte tours and Amsterdam Heritage Weekend.

Between two canal houses, at Herengracht 127-129, this is the first Tussen-ruimte that opened this summer. Jarrik Ouburg transformed the narrow alley by an architectural intervention into a place for contemplation.


De Krijtberg, Monica Tormell

22/08/2013–22/09/2013 — Open during Tussen-ruimte tours, Amsterdam Heritage Weekend and special programmes.

Behind the Krijtberg Church on the Singel lies a small hidden garden. An alley, which until the 17th century led to the hidden church, can still be opened and used as an accessway to the Herengracht. This Tussen–ruimte is temporarily opened during tours. Currently artist Monica Tormell is working on a piece for the garden that marks a new start for a different use of this small piece of land.

Herengracht 423_427


Tussen–ruimte (between–space) opens alleys, hidden courtyards and other unused spaces in the Amsterdam canal area, in collaboration with artists and architects.

Now on view: Night Light & To Keep


After a crowded opening at Castrum Peregrini two new works inspired by Tussen-ruimte (Between-space) are now on view. ‘Night Light’ by Charbel-joseph H. Boutros illuminates until the 12th of April at the facade of the Syriac Orthodox church (Keizersgracht 220) and the front space of Castrum Peregrini (Herengracht 401). The light is not always on; until midnight the neon lights up at the church, and then it moves to Castrum Peregrini, where you can see it shining through the window until 8AM.

‘To Keep’, by Amie Dicke is on view until March 30 on the first floor of Castrum Peregrini. Everyone is welcome to have a look during the finissage, when the artist will be present, on Sunday March 30 from 4-6PM. If that’s not possible you could also make an appointment for a viewing by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Amie Dicke, To Keep

Amie Dicke, To Keep (detail), image by Sander Tiedema

Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, Night Light, image by Rien Buter

Charbel-joseph H. Boutros, Night Light, image by Rien Buter

Opening new between-spaces in Amsterdam


After several interventions in hidden alleys and other unused places in the city last summer, Tussen-ruimte pops up in Amsterdam again at the 12th of March. Artists Charbel-joseph H. Boutros and Amie Dicke present their vision on ‘between space’, with new work that opens in Castrum Peregrini.

The Lebanese artist Charbel-joseph H. Boutros is often preoccupied with the idea of ​​inaccessibility, his works attempts to melancholically give a form of presence to a permanent absence. For Tussen-ruimte Boutros presents ‘Night Light‘ in a closed alley next to the Syriac Orthodox Church, and at Castrum Peregrini. The word Light will be written in Syriac, a dead language. Darkness in another place on earth, will form the light in a hidden space in Amsterdam. In Castrum Peregrini the word Light is also illuminated, like a Siamese twin. It will be a light that is hidden and no one can see. This neon refers to the two bishops who were kidnapped in Syria in 2013. It also reflects on the history of Castrum Peregrini , a shelter for refugees during World War II. Charbel Boutros will elaborate on the work during the opening.

Amie Dicke sees Tussen-ruimte not only as a spatial intervention in the city, but mainly as a thought, an interval – which plays a central role in her work. In Castrum Peregrini Dicke is currently doing research for a longer time, with a grant by the Mondriaan Fonds, titled ‘Huis als Muze’. For Tussen-ruimte she’ll present a new installation. ‘To Keep’ reflects on the idea of between space, in which Dicke uses material and objects found in the studio of Gisèle d’ Ailly, who lived and worked  in the building along the Herengracht until her passing in 2013. During the opening Dicke will discuss the idea of ​​ ‘Zwischenraum’ in conversation with architect Jarrik Ouburg, one of the initiators of Tussen-ruimte.

Please join us for the opening on Wednesday the 12th of March at Castrum Peregrini from 20:00 to 22:30, where both artists are present. After the opening, ‘Night Light’ will be illuminated until the 12th of April, and to ‘To Keep’ is on view until the 30th of March by appointment. For further information and appointments please contact [email protected]

Addresses :

Castrum Peregrini, Herengracht 401, Amsterdam.
Moeder Godskerk, Keizersgracht 220, Amsterdam.


image by Sander Tiedema

Tussen-ruimte is an ongoing research project by Office Jarrik Ouburg, Non-fiction and TAAK , in partnership with Castrum Peregrini, and is kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts and Amsterdam2013 (City of Amsterdam).


Tussen-ruimte (temporarily) finished


Tussen-ruimte Krijtberg Open Monumenten Weekend

Thank you all for your attention for and visits of the tussen-ruimtes that we managed to open up with art works and architectural interventions in the past months, with the help of many and resulting in some wonderful encounters and new insights. The exhibition at Castrum Peregrini is now closed, and we have dismantled most of the installations, but the project continues in the coming months and years. Keep an eye on our website (and Facebook-page) for updates..

Last chance to see the Tussen-ruimte exhibition


Sunday 22 September is the last day of the Tussen-ruimte exhibition. Between 15:00 and 18:00 you will have the opportunity to see the small presentation, meet some of the people behind the project and participate in a public debate focusing of the future of the tussen-ruimtes.

Other participants in the debate include

  • Boudewijn Bakker (historian, ex-City Archives and local resident)
  • Judith Belinfante (Chair of Amsterdam Overleg, association of all heritage related organisations in Amsterdam)
  • Hedwig Heinsman (architect, DUS Architects)
  • Zef Hemel (deputy director at Spatial Planning Department)
  • Jarrik Ouburg (architect, Head of Architecture at Amsterdam’s Academy of Architecture and involved in Tussen-ruimte)
  • Marc Reniers (architect and member of the ‘Welstandscommissie’, monitoring changes to the appearance of the city) 
  • Emmy Schouten (Stadsherstel Amsterdam)

The debate will be in Dutch and is hosted by Michiel van Iersel, one of the initiators of Tussen-ruimte and co-founder of Non-fiction, an office for cultural innovation.

To make a reservation, please get in touch with [email protected]

Tussen-ruimte is kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts,  Amsterdam 2013 (City of Amsterdam) and Lecturis Printing Company

logos fondsen          

Join us! Projecting Layers


Friday September 20, 20:00h-00:00h.

A one-night exhibition with visual artists presenting their work layer-by-layer on the walls of the Tussen-ruimte.


Tussen-ruimte is looking for artists (with their work and projectors) for an analog visual night.

The concept is simple: we’re looking for artists, aficionados, image collectors, cultural institutions and students to bring their projector and present their work next to and overlapping with each other in the Tussen-ruimte. We want to combine and confront different visuals and media in order to create a layered and overwhelming visual experience.

This way, you can contribute to ‘Projecting Layers’ - a ‘crowdsourced’ group exhibition taking place in the Tussen-ruimte next to De Duif church. The night will develop according to a ‘trial and error’-process within a limited space. You’re free to bring your own material and we’re happy to think along if necessary.

It will be a surprising night. Oedipus Brewing will provide us with locally brewn beers.

Projecting Layers is part of the public programme of Tussen-ruimte and is composed by Florian Weigl.

For more information and registration, please contact [email protected]


Elasticity of Presence


On September 19, Tussen-ruimte presents Elasticity of Presence.

Elasticity of Presence is a research into the scope of the double portrait of Steven Geraerts and Isabella Coymans by Frans Hals, dated 1644.

The portraits have been separated, by which also the magnetic space between them has been destroyed.


Illustration from René Descartes’ Principia philosophiae, 1644

The programme consists of art historian Renée Borgonjen, who will talk about the research into the traces of the portrayed couple in Amsterdam and the presentation of a three-dimensional counterpart of the space in between them in the form of an installation by visual artist Laurence Aëgerter in the house of their matchmaker.

The night will start at 20:00h at Castrum Peregrini (Herengracht 401) with the lecture by Renée Borgonjen, after which we will walk to Het Huis met de Hoofden on Keizersgracht 123 where the installation of Laurence Aëgerter is exhibited.

Reservations can be made via [email protected]
Entrance 5 euro (cash please).

Tussen-ruimte and Elasticity of Presence are made possible by the support of AFK and Amsterdam 2013.

Film night: Gordon Matta-Clark and William H. Whyte


On September 12, as part of the public programme of Tussen-ruimte, short films by Gordon Matta-Clark will be screened, as well as William H. Whyte’s legendary documentary The Social Life of Small Urban Places, to show different ways of thinking about urban voids, the microdynamics of cities and nondescript urban places.

The night starts 21:00h at Castrum Peregrini.
Please make a reservation: [email protected] Entrance is free.

Sunday Squatting Day with Céline Talens


Last Sunday Céline Talens, a storyteller and theatrical user experience designer, squatted a Tussen-ruimte with activists and visitors. She showed a different side of Amsterdam and also commemorated the past of the Canal Area, which used to have many squatted buildings (which is hard to imagine these days). See some of the pictures here. (images by Vrederick)


The upcoming week


The Tussen-ruimte exhibition at Castrum Peregrini opened last Friday. If you weren’t at the opening, you can still visit it during the following weeks on Wednesday until Friday from 2pm until 6pm. Now that we are getting started, we will open three new Tussen-ruimtes during the upcoming week and we invite you to join one of the two Tussen-ruimte tours.

Tussen-ruimte tours

On Thursday evening you can join a evening walk and on Saturday we will depart in the afternoon. The walks take 1,5 hours during which we will visit a couple of Tussen-ruimtes where you can see interesting works by, for example, Jarrik Ouburg and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). There are a few spots still available, please make reservations: [email protected] (name, email, phone).

Tussen-ruimte in De Duif

At the back of the Duif architect Christiaan Bakker has built a construction that can be first visited on Tuesday evening during the Tussen-talk. Tussen-talks is part of the public program of the Tussen-ruimte project. During these evenings one writer is invited to write and recite a new piece inspired by the phenomenon of the Tussen-ruimte. Parallel to that an expert from another field will give a related lecture on the current or historical context of the Tussen-ruimte. In this way, fiction is supplemented by fact, and fact is placed in a different light through fiction. This Thursday the talk will be held by Tracy Metz (journalist on urban issues) and Marc Hameleers (historian/Amsterdam City Archive).

Tussen-ruimte in De Krijtberg

On Friday evening, a new Tussen-ruimte will be opened in a hidden garden behind the De Krijtberg church. Monica Tormell is as we speak (picture below) still creating a work that reflects the sky called ‘And Back Again (The Well)’. The opening of the work will be accompanied by DJ Nosedrip who will treat us with a four-hour set of atmospheric music. And last but not least, there will be local beers from Amsterdam based brewery Oedipus.

monica aan het werk


Squatting  a Tussen-ruimte
We end the week with a performance of Céline Talens who will squat a Tussen-ruimte. For info about the meeting point, email:  [email protected]

Secret location, 3pm - 4.30pm




One month to discover the Tussen-ruimtes


We hope to see you tonight at the opening of the Tussen-ruimte exhibition at Castrum Perregrini, you are welcome from 8pm untill 10pm, at Herengracht 401  (Entrance around the corner in the Beulingstraat). The Tussen-ruimte exhibition will be open from Wed-Fri (2-6PM) until 22nd of September.

This month, many Tussen-ruimte- activities take place, underneath you find the programme. For reservations, you can email [email protected], please send us your name, emailadress en phone number. For other question, don’t hesitate to contact us on that same emailadress.

This week: first Tussen-ruimte tour


A public service announcement to be sure; today the Tussen-ruimte at Herengracht  is not open, because we are busy installing the exhibition at Castrum Peregrini, which opens on Thursday, August 22 at 20:00. We hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, preparations for the Tussen-ruimte program are in full swing. You can for instance visit different Tussen-ruimte spaces during weekly tours with a guide. The first walk will start this Saturday at 15:00 at Castrum Peregrini.

Duration 1.5 hours, 5 euro entrance fee, reservation via [email protected]

August 22: Opening Tussen-ruimte exhibition Castrum Peregrini


The Tussen-ruimte exhibition will open on the 22nd of August at Castrum Peregrini. During the opening of the exhibition, a model of the Amsterdam canal district will be shown in which each of the 60 Tussen-ruimten will be visible, there will be images of the Tussen-ruimten by Jordi Huisman and sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) presents Grachtengroeven, inspired by the lost spaces along the canals. During the opening, senior researcher of urban history Jaap Evert Abrahamse, known for his research on urban development in Amsterdam during the seventeenth century, will give a brief presentation on the existence of remnant spaces in the monumental Amsterdam canal district. Esther Agricola, managing director of the Office for Monuments and Archaeology in the City of Amsterdam, reflects on the meaning and possibilities of these spaces in the protected heritage of the city centre.

In the month of Tussen-ruimte many activities will take place. There will be weekly city walks along the Tussen-ruimten, which includes a hidden garden behind the Krijtbergkerk, a death alley between two buildings at the Herengracht, a remnant space next to De Duif Church and the old entrance of the former mortuary in the OLVG hospital. Besides the city walks, you can visit one of a kind film evenings, performances and lectures during the whole Tussen-ruimte month. The full programme will be presented at the opening on 22 August.

You are welcome at the opening from 8pm until 10pm at Castrum Peregrini, situated at Herengracht 401 (Entrance around the corner in the Beulingstraat)

See you there!

Event on Facebook


Yes, we’re open!


From the 22nd of August the Tussen-ruimte exhibition will be on view at Castrum Peregrini and it will be possible to visit spaces during weekly tours, lectures, film nights and other activities. But before that, there’s already one special Tussen-ruimte open; hidden between two houses at Herengracht 127 - 129, with an architectural installation by Jarrik Ouburg.

Come by during a city walk, bring friends, kids and visitors, or maybe you’d rather like to experience this Tussen-ruimte all by yourself.

We’re open every Wednesday (3-6PM) and Saturday (11-3PM) until August 18th. Free entrance, hope to see you soon!


Looking for the perfect alley with Machinefabriek


For Tussen-ruimte composer Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) will make a sound installation. When we showed him different between spaces, he was particularly interested in small alleys with a corner. Together we went on an afternoon walk along the canals. This photo was taken at Prinsengracht 361, at a small public access to several houses. But we are also curious about the space further up at Prinsengracht, next to a small hospital. The key of that alley got lost, but we’ll come back later this week to hopefully view the Tussen-ruimte.

More news about Machinefabriek soon, watch and listen meanwhile his recent work ‘Stay Tuned‘.

We’re looking for more Tussen-ruimtes!


Some people wonder what a Tussen-ruimte (between-space) exactly is. Everyone can have their own definition, but for our project we focus on spaces who share some characteristics. We’re interested in remnant spaces, spaces without a function, who are situated in the UNESCO World Heritage zone of the Amsterdam Canal District. We wonder whether there is still ‘unclear’ space in an area with so many monuments (and also monument regulations) in the thoroughly planned city centre of Amsterdam. Often, Tussen-ruimtes came into existence because buildings were renovated, changed or completely new buildings appeared. Suddenly alleys became small spaces with a dead-end. Still, they are visible from the canals, often closed off with a door (see some examples above).

Currently, we mapped 56 of these Tussen-ruimte spaces, but that doesn’t mean we always have entrance to the space, or know who the owner is. We already have contact with about 5 spaces that we’ll make (temporary) public again with an artistic intervention. But we’re looking for more and are curious to see what’s behind the other doors. Do you know about, or maybe own a Tussen-ruimte? Please get in touch.

Monica Tormell visits de Krijtberg


This week artist Monica Tormell visited the small garden behind the Krijtberg church. In consultation with the church, she will make in the course of August a work for the garden that reflects the air. The church would like to give a new design to the remnant piece of land, that’s now only in use as an emergency exit. Monica’s intervention will be a first step, while the facade of the church will also be restored this summer. On 22 August, when the Tussen-ruimte exhibition at Castrum Peregrini is opened, also the garden of the Krijtberg will be open to the public. Monica Tormell’s work is often about nature versus the unnatural, or man-made interventions. For more information, have a look at


About Tussen–ruimte

What is it?

Tussen-ruimte (between-space) opens alleys, hidden courtyards and other unused spaces in the Amsterdam canal area, in collaboration with artists and architects. During the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam canal area, Tussen-ruimte pops up in the smallest cracks of the inner city: residual spaces that arose due to earlier transformations, and that still offer possibilities for new urban development.

This year, Amsterdam celebrates its canal area. Most attention goes to the past, and the conservation of the monumental inner city. Tussen-ruimte is also interested in the future, and whether there are still unclear and undefined spaces in the centre that can offer a place for experiment and contemporary art and architecture.

How does it work?

From 22nd of August until 22nd of September the Tussen-ruimte exhibition is on view at Castrum Peregrini from Wednesday-Friday (2-6PM). During the summer, gradually different Tussen-ruimtes will be (temporarily) opened. Weekly tours and other activities (small readings, film nights, concerts) will take place in different Tussen-ruimtes in the city. 

Visit the Tussen-ruimtes - Programme

22 aug-22 sept – Tussen-ruimte exhibition
images of the Tussen-ruimtes by Jordi Huisman and sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) presents Grachtengroeven.
Opening on the 22nd of August (8-10pm)
Wednesday-Friday, 2-6PM, Castrum Peregrini

Tussen-ruimte tours
Thursday: 29 aug, en 5 sept
meeting at 7.45pm, starting at 8pm
Saturday: 24 aug31 aug7 sept
meeting at 2.45pm, starting at 3pm
Time: 1.5 hour, departure from Castrum Peregrini, €5 p.p., Please make a reservation: [email protected]. (name, email, phone)
Group tours on request (5-20 persons), contact us. 

22 aug – Opening Tussen-ruimte exhibition
images of the Tussen-ruimtes by Jordi Huisman and sound artist Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) presents Grachtengroeven.
8pm - 10pm, Castrum Peregrini 

27 aug – Tussen-talk #1
Stories from the Tussen-ruimte by Tracy Metz, journalist on urban issues. Later Tussen-talks will feature Dirk van Weelden and Gabriel Lester.
5.30pm – 7pm, De Duif , Please make a reservation:  HYPERLINK “mailto:[email protected][email protected]. (name, email, phone), €5 p.p.

30 aug – Marathon dj set
4 hours of atmospheric music by DJ Nosedrip (22tracks / Red Light Radio)
7pm - 11pm , De Krijtberg  

1 sept - Squatting a Tussen-ruimte with Céline Talens
3pm -4.30pm  Secret location, for more info email  [email protected] 

12 sept – Film Night
With films from Gordon Matta Clark and William H. Whyte’s The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces
8.30pm - 11pm, Castrum Peregrini, €5 p.p.

14 en 15 sept – Heritage Weekend
the exhibition at Castrum Peregrini is open, as well as the Tussen-ruimtes at de Duif, Herengracht 127-129, De Krijtberg & OLVG. On saturday you can join a night-tour, please make reservations at
10am - 5pm (on sunday De Krijtberg will be open from 2pm) 

19 sept  Elasticity of Presence
Lecture at Castrum Peregrini by Renée Borgonjen followed by a walk to the installation by Laurence Aëgerter in the Tussen–ruimte at Huis met de Hoofden (House with the Heads), Keizersgracht 123, the future location of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica.
8pm - 10pm, Castrum Peregrini. Please make a reservation:  [email protected]. (name, email, phone), €5 p.p.

20 sept – Projecting Layers
An exhibition for one night with artists projecting their work on the walls of the Tussen–ruimte with their (analogue) projectors .
8pm – 12 am, De Duif, Please make a Reservation: [email protected]. (name, email, phone)

21 sept – Tussen-ruimte tour (with Subbacultcha member offer)
Entrance 5 euro. Free for Subbacultcha members.
3pm - 4.30pm, Castrum Peregrini. Please make a reservation:  [email protected]. (name, email, phone)

22 sept – Finissage
On the future of Tussen-ruimtes in Amsterdam.
3pm - 6pm, Castrum Peregrini

Who is involved?

Tussen-ruimte is a project of Office Jarrik Ouburg, Non-fiction and TAAK, in collaboration with Castrum Peregrini.

Fore more information, please get in touch with [email protected]

Tussen-ruimte is kindly supported by the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts,  Amsterdam 2013 (City of Amsterdam) and Lecturis Printing Company

logos fondsen

Opening Tussen-ruimte #1


On July 19 we opened the first Tussen-ruimte on Herengracht between numbers 127 and 129. Here architect Jarrik Ouburg created a silence chapel by hanging curtains, made from white white camouflage fabric in varying lengths, from the top of the narrow alley. Through the curtains you enter an open space, where you get a sense of serenity. With special thanks to Willem Muller, owner of the alley.

The alley is open twice a week, so make sure to drop by (free entrance). Until the 22nd of August you can visit on Wednesdays (3-6PM) and Saturdays (11-3PM).

Tussen-ruimte #1 by Jarrik Ouburg


Save the date: opening Tussen-ruimte



Tussen-ruimte tours for Amsterdam Heritage Day



Tussen–ruimte is loading